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Ordering sentences to create instructions for making a jam sandwich.


To complete this lesson parents will need to download Clicker 8.  The letter below explains how you can do this if you haven't already.  

Activity Instructions-please have a go, you can't do any harm!

  1. Open Clicker 8 from your start button
  2. Click folder (top left of screen)
  3. Click Learning Grids
  4. Search-making a jam sandwich
  5. Choose-Making a Jam Sandwich - Read Book

  6. Go back to Learning Grids and select sentence sets (far right)

  7. Search-Make a sandwich

  8. Order sentences.  Right click on each word to hear.  

  9. Complete all sentences.

  10. Print and save document.

  11. Please share with me

  12. Have fun!

This Clicker set has also been sent to your child's Microsoft 365 email account.  This account letter was sent to you via email 15.1.21.  You will still need to download Clicker onto your computer to open the set.