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Friday 29th January 2021.


I can write my own poem.


Yesterday you used your plans to write a simile for each section of your poem.


Today, I would like you to finish writing your own poems (based on the poem, 'According to Our Dinner Ladies...' by Phillip Waddell).


You now need to complete each stanza by adding a line about the activity to go with your simile. Remember last Tuesday when you had a matching activity where you matched the simile to the activity in each part (stanza) of the poem. It might help to look at this or the original poem if you get stuck.


I want you to think about what we have learnt about rhyme, repetition, alliteration, expanded noun phrases and alliterative expanded noun phrases during our poetry work and see if you can include any of these in your poem today.


You may not include all of these but I would like you to try and include some of them if you can.


I would like you to send me your poem today or you could send me a video of you reciting your poem.


Here are my examples to help you.

I have used a key to highlight and show you where I have used some of the features of poetry that we have learnt about during this unit of work:




expanded noun phrase

alliterative expanded noun phrase



According to Miss Low.


I start my day

eating my breakfast hungrily like a big, brown bear that has woken up from hibernation.


Every morning

I warmly welcome cheerful children into school

like an airline steward welcomes you onto an aeroplane.


I love learning

I have as much fun learning as excited, happy children playing with their friends.


At the end of a busy day

I snuggle in my big bed as snug as a bug in a rug.



According to Year 2.


In the morning

I put my tidy uniform on as quick as a flash.


When I get to my super school

I work as hard in class as a busy bee.


At lunch time

I eat my lovely, luscious lunch greedily like a pig.


At going home time

I play and climb at the packed park like Spiderman climbing up tall, towering buildings.


Try and have some fun with this today and see what you can do.