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Thursday 28th January 2021.


I can write similes for my own poem.


Using the ideas from your plan yesterday, I would like you to think of and write similes for each action using as or like to make a comparison.


I have written some ideas to help you get started, using my plan.


Poem plan example

I eat my breakfast hungrily like a bear that has woken up from hibernation.


I welcome children in to school like an airline steward welcoming you onto an aeroplane.


I have as much fun learning as children playing with their friends.


I snuggle in my bed as snug as a bug.



This next example is taken from some of the children's ideas:


I put my uniform on as quick as a flash.

I work as hard in class as a busy bee.

I eat my lunch greedily like a pig.

I play and climb at the park like Spiderman climbing up tall buildings.