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Wednesday 27th January 2021.


WALT plan our own poem.


Today, I would like you to start to think about and plan your own poem.

We are still using Phillip Waddell's poem, 'According to Our Dinner Ladies...' as our inspiration for this.


Today we are going to decide upon the theme and structure of our poem. You can use the template provided or split your page into four sections to create and record your plan.


The title of our poem is:

According to Me...


It is going to be a poem about your day, which could either be based upon a typical day in school or could be based upon your day at the moment.


Your poem will have four parts (or stanzas) just like Waddell's poem.

Each part (stanza) will be about a part of you day.


I DO NOT want you to write your poem yet but for each part (stanza) of your poem, decide upon an activity that tomorrow, we will work on writing similes for.


The examples below are taken from the structure of, 'According to Our Dinner Ladies...'

Part 1: Morning activity (entering school)
Part 2: activity 1 (walking around school)
Part 3: activity 2 (play time)
Part 4: End of the day activity (going home)


Below, you will find a photograph of my plan to help you get started.


Send me your plans so that I can give you feedback to ensure that your poem structure will work, as over the next two days we will be writing our similes for each activity and I will be encouraging you to use alliteration and expanded noun phrases if you can.