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Tuesday 26th January 2021.


Today we are returning back to our poetry work. 


WALT write alliterative expanded noun phrases.


Remember from our previous learning, that alliteration is where words close together in a sentence, begin with the same letter or sound.


In the poem, 'According to Our Dinner Ladies...' by Phillip Waddell, we can see the use of alliteration.


In stanza two we can see, 'We chatter like cutlery clattering china.'


In stanza three, 'Like peas around a plate -'


In stanza four, 'limp as leftover lettuces.'



Today, I would like you to combine our prior learning on alliteration and expanded noun phrases to think of some alliterative expanded noun phrases, such as:

For example: sizzling, succulent sausages


First, look at your ideas for similes that you created last week and see if you can use these ideas and turn them into alliterative expanded noun phrases, 

such as:

perfectly, plump popcorn

squiggly, slimy spaghetti

twisty, tangled tagliatelle

stiff, strong sticks



If you can't find last week's work, then choose nouns around a food or school theme and see if you can think of alliterative expanded noun phrases for them.

I would like you to create at least four.

Send these to me in today's work email.


** Look at the picture of the poem below and read it again (or listen to me reading it)** 

Have you noticed how the poem is structured to be like a day in school?


It starts with children coming into school at the start of the day.

It then shows children moving around school.

Next it describes play times.

It ends with how we feel when we leave school and go home.


We will be using this poem and structure of it as we start to write our own versions of it this week.



Poem read aloud

Still image for this video