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Monday 25th January 2021.


WALT write sentences with expanded noun phrases in them.


Activity one:

Have a look at the powerpoint for today and see if you can choose appropriate adjectives to complete the expanded noun phrases in the sentences given.


Activity two:

Today, I would like you to practise writing sentences which have expanded noun phrases in them.


So today you MUST use a capital letter at the start of your sentence, write words in order, leaves spaces between your words and use a full stop at the end of each sentence. There should also be a verb (action/doing word in your sentences). You must also include an expanded noun phrase in your sentences.


The cat jumped onto the fence.

      noun  verb                    noun 


The furry, ginger cat jumped onto the old, wobbly fence.

expanded noun phrase   verb             expanded noun phrase


Choose 1 or 2 pictures from the 'expanded noun phrase sentence picture prompt sheet' below and write a sentence with an expanded noun phrase in it.


If I used the teacher and pizza picture, my sentence would be:


The hungry teacher ate the hot, delicious pizza for her lunch.