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Please find the link for the Loom video for our learning today.

Thursday 21st January 2021.


WALT write expanded noun phrases.


**Use the writing elements of today's activities to practise your letter formation and handwriting please.**


Activity 1:

Watch the Loom video below. You will need your pencil and paper ready as I would like  you to turn my noun phrases into expanded noun phrases by using an adjective before the noun. Remember that you can use more than one adjective but you must use a comma between them.


Noun phrase- the flowers

Expanded noun phrase 1 - the red flowers

Expanded noun phrase 2 - the beautiful, red flowers


If you need to pause the video or watch it more than once, then do this.

I have also attached an adjectives word mat to help you select and use appropriate and interesting words in your expanded noun phrases.


I would like you to send me these expanded noun phrases in your daily email


Activity 2:

Watch the story video below and see if you can spot any expanded noun phrases. Then complete the worksheets underneath the video. You need to create your own expanded noun phrases based upon this story.

Try and complete some of the activities in your homework books by writing out the expanded noun phrases or sentences including expanded noun phrases.

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To finish our learning today, have a go at this quiz and see if you can now identify the expanded noun phrases in these sentences. Send me a smiley, straight or sad face on your work at the end of the day, to self-assess how well you feel that you now understand this.



Additional resources to help you in this lesson: