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Wednesday 20th January 2021.


WALT write expanded noun phrases.


**Use the writing elements of today's activities to practise your letter formation and handwriting please. **


This is NEW learning for us. We should know what a noun is.

A noun is the word used to name a person, place, idea or thing.


What is a noun phrase?

A noun phrase is a small group of words which contains a noun but doesn't contain a verb. A noun phrase usually contains a noun plus other words to describe it.




What are expanded noun phrases?

Expanded noun phrases tell you even more about the noun. Let’s use an example:

I swam in the sea.

In the sentence above, the noun phrase is ‘the sea’. To turn it into an expanded noun phrase, we can include an adjective to modify the noun ‘sea’.

For example:

I swam in the salty sea.

Now we have an expanded noun phrase - ‘the salty sea'. To spot an expanded noun phrase, look for:

  • An article: The
  • An adjective or adjectives: Salty
  • A noun: Sea


If you use more than one adjective in your expanded noun phrase, then you use a comma (,) between them.

I swam in the warm, salty sea.



EITHER watch and complete the Year 2 Grammar lesson OR Oak National lesson below and write your own expanded noun phrases.

Please send me your expanded noun phrase work from either lesson in today's email.


Year 2 Grammar Lesson 5 Expanded Noun Phrases

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