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Tuesday 19th January 2021.


WALT write a poem using ideas from the poem, 'According to Our Dinner Ladies...' by the poet Philip Waddell, showing word choice for effect on the reader and rhythm appropriate to this poem.


This week, we are going to become familiar with a poem and look at how the poet uses similes and alliteration for effect on the reader. 

This is why we have spent time in previous lessons, learning about similes and alliteration.

We will then be using this poem as a model to write our own poems.


**Use the writing elements of today's activities to practise your letter formation and handwriting please. **


Today: WALT become familiar with a poem; identify the use of simile and the effect it has on the reader. 

Read the poem, 'According to Our Dinner ladies....' by Philip Waddell. I have also uploaded a Loom where I read this for you.

In this poem, the poet compares the children to food and utensils by using 'like' or 'as' to create similes.


Activity 1:

Why do similes work for each idea in this poem?

What effect do these have on you when you are reading the poem?

You can discuss this with someone in your house if possible.

Select your favourite simile from this poem and write a sentence to explain what effect it has on you/ why you like it.


Activity 2:

There are four parts (or we call them stanzas in poetry) to this poem.

I have cut each stanza in half. Can you match the simile to the activity? Try and do this without looking at the poem, but you may of course look if you need help.


Activity 3:

Write a list of other foods which would be good to describe the actions of children in different places around school, at different times of the day.


Think about the different actions (verbs) you perform in school, at different times of the day.

Then think of a food that you could compare this to.

For example, 

legs tangled like tagliatelle when sat in assembly.

Jiggling like jelly when someone shouts.


I am really looking forward to reading your ideas.

Poem reading.

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