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Introduction to Literacy Monday 18th January 2021.

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Monday 18th January 2021.

WALT perform a poem, using intonation, rhythm and rhyme to entertain an audience.


I wanted us to learn to perform a poem as a class to entertain the school and our families during our class assembly. Even though we aren't doing this, we still need to learn to perform poems, as it is a part of our curriculum.



I would like you to practise reading the poem below from our anthology.

It is called, 'Pancake Chant,' and is by Sue Cowling.


On this page you will find a video of me performing this poem to help you get started.


Intonation means the way that your voice rises and falls when speaking.

Hopefully, you will spot that rhyme is used in a similar way to the counting poem , 'One, two buckle my shoe,' which we worked on last week.


You can experiment with saying the poem in different ways (high/low voices, fast/slow, quiet/loud) and develop appropriate intonation. 


See if you can remember the poem by heart and perform it. You could get you family to record you and then email your performance to me or your family can let me know, in their daily email, that you have practised and performed the poem to them.


When we are all back at school together, we will perform this as a class, so you will need to know it! smiley

Handwriting Practise:


Today, I would like you to copy out the poem, 'Pancake Chant,' using Kinetic Letters handwriting.

Make sure that your brave and scared monkey letters are the correct heights by starting and finishing your letters in the correct places. Leave clear car parks (spaces) between the words and make sure that they are grounded to the line.