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Spelling practise:


I would like you to choose 3 of the words ending in -tion that we have been practising this week. Make sure that you can remember how to spell these three words correctly. 

Then think of a sentence with them in and write it.

You must check that the spelling of the -tion word is correct as well as checking your kinetic letter formation, use of consistently sized car parks (spaces between words) and simple punctuation (capital letter and full stop). 

Pick words that you understand such as station, potion and lotion, as you should be able to think of sentences for words like these more easily.

Friday 5th March 2021.


I can write the end of my version of a familiar story.


Today we are going to write the end of our version of The High Street.


The structure of the end is similar to the beginning. We aren't going to copy the part about having an item that our character needs but can't buy (the yellow rose), so do not worry that this is not exactly the same.


Alice Melvin's version ends like this:






Using this, my ending would look like this:


Joe's left the High street and this is what he bought...

his clean laundry, a piece of fish, some hair gel, some holiday brochures and a pair of shiny shoes.


(In this part of the story, an apostrophe has been used but NOT to mark possession. This is a contraction and shows that the letters h and a are missing in has. The sentence could read: Joe has left the High street and this is what he bought).


Well done, you have all worked really hard during this sequence of learning whilst learning remotely at home. There has been some new grammar to learn and apply and I am very proud of you all for trying your best and producing some really fantastic work.


Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday morning!