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There are many websites that can support home learning and help your child to rehearse and practice the skills they are developing daily at school.

Below is a list of some websites that you may find useful. - a varied collection of  stories from a range of genres, also poems, written word and audio versions to engage and model reading behaviours. - provides a series of linked activities related to popular reading choices. Activities are listed to encourage and promote reading and writing. Links are made to other websites for suggestions and interactive activities. Support with phonic development. - a collection of stories to share. - a wide variety of suggestions, interactive activities and ideas across the curriculum. - improving sentences through interactive games.

Free online math games for children of all ages, helping your child with Maths across a range of subjects.
This website hosts a wide range of games for pupils across all areas of Maths. It collates many of the games from other websites and puts them into easy to find topic areas.
A dictionary of Maths definitions with diagrams, and when necessary, explanations on appropriate methods of calculations.
This allows children to practice rapid recall of number bonds to 10 and 20.



Useful Time websites:
A variety of time games, which are easily adaptable to suit the needs of your child.
A few games based around telling the time, as well as a range of differentiated worksheets to practice basic rehearsal of telling the time and the positioning of clock hands.

Other Useful Websites: - a wealth of information in text, pictorial, audio and video format related to the world around us.