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This term our topic focus is 'In the Lab' and our homework grid this term is a combination of activities relating to our text in Literacy 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' by JK Rowling and our focus of Science investigations within Topic. 


Please refer to the homework letter for guidance on this and please find under the 'Spelling' tab a copy of the weekly spellings and an overview of the spellings in each year  group curriculum for your reference.


I look forward to seeing some of the results from all of your hard work over the next 6 weeks! 


Miss Alton smiley

Below you will find the homework set for the Christmas period. These tasks are not compulsory and do not need to be completed however, they are there if you want to have a go! 


You may wish to extend these activities to included rounding numbers, adding and subtracting numbers mentally up to 6-digits Eg. 532,456 + 658,702 = ? and finding fractions and percentages of amounts Eg. 10% of 320 = ?

I hope you find this useful. Don't forget you also have access to MyMaths at any point and can take the opportunity to practice anything you are particularly struggling with. 


Miss Alton smiley