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School Opening (1st June 2020)


Morning Everyone,


From Monday 1st of June school is partially opening and more key worker children are returning.

To ensure that children remaining at home have access to the same activities I will post a timetable showing how we will be structuring the days in school for each week. You can access these via the new tab 'Weekly Timetables' below.

Check out the timetable first and then find the resources you need below. The maths videos are linked from the timetable.

We will continue with the White Rose maths and Oak Academy Literacy as these are easy to access at home. I will also upload resources or links to use so learners at home can complete the same activities. Any work you complete at home you can still send in via the home learning email and (if you have put your initials on it) I will add it to our gallery. 

Hope this all makes sense.

Take care 

Mrs Anderson 


Half Term

Hello All, 

Below you will find the ending to Sir Charlie's really big adventure. I hope you like it. As it is Half Term next week we will not be setting the usual work. I know that you have been working really hard and I think you (and your parents!) need a bit of a break.

I will share a new story for next week and suggest a challenge that you can do if you want to. If you do take part, send me the picture and I will put it in the gallery with the Sir Charlie pictures from this week.

Remember there is always reading, spellings, timestables and the Education City activities for those of you who want to keep pushing yourselves.

Have a safe, happy, fun Half Term

Hoping to see more of you in the next few weeks. 

Take care

Mrs Anderson smiley



The Black Rabbit

Still image for this video
This is a story with a similarity to The Gruffalo, can you spot it? Can you investigate shadows while the sun is shining. Can you; stand on your shadow, hold your shadow's hand, get away from your shadow? You could draw yourself with your shadow. Send any work to me via the home learning email and I will pop it in the gallery on our Class 3 page of the website.

Ending of Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the really big adventure.

Still image for this video
I hope you enjoyed the story. There were lots of writerly skills used in the story. See if you can pick out the expanded noun phrases, the onomatopoeia and the alliteration that the author uses.

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the really big adventure

Still image for this video
Here is the beginning of the story Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the really big adventure.
Your challenge is to draw or write what you think is behind the door at the top of the windy windy staircase. I will read the rest of the story on Friday so you can see if you were correct.
Send me your pictures or writing via the home learning email address and I'll put them on the gallery page of our website. Please only put your initials on your work.
You may also like to draw some of the other characters from the story to share.
Have fun.
** To help with home learning, I have produced some (rustic!) video guides for a  range of maths operations that children will need to use, you can find them in the core work page. It should remind children about the strategy and will show parents how we do them in class. I hope they help. I’m doing some subtraction ones but they all take an age to get onto the website. 
Take care all, Mrs Anderson x



Hi everyone, Mrs Anderson here,

I hope you are all keeping well. Hopefully you are able to access the online activities I have set. Please don't worry about completing them all. I have put lots of different things on there so that you can choose the activities you like. 

At my house, we have been playing board games, which we have lots of, watching films together and we have had a go at the Jo Wicks PE sessions. I was very tired after this!


I would love to know what you have been up to while you have been at home. 

If you would like to write me a letter, showing off your best handwriting, you can send it to the school address at:

Blakedown CE Primary School

Birmingham Road


DY10 3JN


Make sure you include your address so that I can reply.

I will do my best to reply to them all.


Take care and look after each other.


Love Mrs Anderson




If you have written to me at school, please don't think I'm not replying. There has been an issue with school post being kept at a local post office. We are trying to find out how to get hold of it. I will then reply to any letters you have sent.




Hello all, It's Tuesday 28th April and nearly tea time. I know this because my tummy is rumbling! You will be glad to know that I have received some letters and replied to those who included their addresses for me. It has been lovely to hear how you are keeping busy and enjoying some family time. You can continue to write to me at the school or there is now a new email address, that you can use, to send me photos or pictures of your work, craft, activities etc, so I can see how you are getting on.


I'm going to start writing a blog to let you know what I'm up to when I'm not planning activities for you. I will update you every Monday about how I'm getting on. I might even try some of the activities you share on the new email link. Please click on the Blog link to find out what I've been doing.



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