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May Half Term

Hello Year 4,

We will not be setting the usual work for next week due to it being half term. You have all been working really hard and I want you to enjoy a break with your families. I hope the sun will shine and you can have an enjoyable and relaxed week. 

Remember there is always reading, spellings, timestables, foundation work on  Oak Academy and the Education City activities for those of you who want to keep pushing yourselves.

Have a safe and happy half term break.

Miss Waldron laugh



As our home learning area of the website is growing I thought it may be helpful if I update you here each time I add something new. I am aware it could be easy to miss things that are added as the page has grown quite a bit throughout our time away from school.


enlightenedI have added a blog update.



enlightenedHello Year 4 - I have uploaded a new video message for you. I hope you enjoy it. I have also added on new learning, for next week, to the core learning tabs.



enlightenedAs this weekend is a bank holiday weekend I have uploaded the weekly core learning links for next week in advance, you will find them in the usual places. Enjoy your weekends.



enlightenedHi Year 4 - I have created a new tab on our website page called Video Messages from Miss Waldron. You will see that for my first video (1 video but I had to split it into 2 to be able to upload it) I have chosen to read you a poem. If you would like to find your favourite poem or story from the book you can find the book here - Feel free to email me and let me know your favourite.

I have also added some VE Day resources on a tab on the class 4 page.



enlightenedHello Year 4,  I have updated each section of the weekly core learning. White Rose Maths have changed the way they are providing their maths home learning. You will see I have uploaded all three weeks of the summer terms learning. I thought it would be useful to have access to all of the weeks as households may be on different weeks. Select the week you are on and you will find the links to the videos, worksheets and answers. The Oak Academy also have maths (and other subject) learning which you may wish to use, alongside the literacy tasks. Under the reading tab I have also begun uploaded the First News newspapers, as I know many of you enjoy reading those when we are at school.

Have a good week.



enlightenedGood morning, I have updated each tab of the core learning section of our page. This week we will be carrying on with the White Rose Maths daily learning (linked on the maths tab) and I have also added some optional additional maths challenges.. This week I would like us to try the Oak Academy English learning which provides an English lesson for each day of the week (linked on the English tab). I have uploaded a reading activity to the reading tab and added new spellings for the week under the spelling tab. If you would like any topic work, in addition to the topic grid I have set, the Oak Academy have some great foundation subject lessons on their site. They do not match the topics we cover at school but may be of interest to some to extend children's knowledge on Henry VIII.

Have a good week.



enlightenedI am going to hold off on setting this weeks work until Monday morning because I would like to make use of the Oak Academy but they have not released the weeks learning yet! I had hoped it would be released today (or in advance) for me to look through and pick out what I want you to cover but sadly this has not been the case. I will update the page as early as I can tomorrow with the work I would like you to do, I'm sorry I am not able to have it up and ready for you today. Fingers crossed they will have it up and running nice and early tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday smiley



enlightened Today I have moved my updates into a blog section of the website. It is my aim to update you with a blog post once per week. I know you can not write back to me on here but I thought it may be nice for me to update you on the various things I am doing throughout this school closure.


enlightened If you do wish to communicate with me please email

You can also write to me and post it to:

Blakedown C.E. Primary School
Birmingham Road
DY10 3JN

However due to restrictions on travel and not being in school everyday I may be slower to respond.


enlightened I have uploaded an example of a daily schedule. It is only a suggestion but it may give you a starting point to adapt and make it fit you and your household. I am finding trying to have a bit of structure is helping me to keep motivated and on task and I have seen various things online which suggest it is a good thing to do. Don't allow it to put you under too much pressure, keep it simple and flexible.


enlightened In preparation for the coming week on Sunday (19th Apr) I uploaded the core weekly learning tasks and a new topic grid now that we are in the summer term. I won't be removing anything from  previous weeks in case it is helpful to you to look back on, or I am aware there may well be tasks you still wish to complete from  previous weeks.


enlightened I also put links on to the new Oak Academy and bitesize learning websites which have been  promoted by the government. These are great and I hope to make further use of them in the coming weeks.


enlightenedOn Education City you will find I have put some Science and foundation  subject activities. You do not have to do these, they are just there if you would like something extra to do.


enlightenedDon't forget you can  play on Prodigy maths and TTRockstars if you fancy something a bit different.

The below document is just an idea of how you could map out your day. Structure can be helpful in times such as this, feel free to use and adapt if it helps you.

A letter to parents

Support for Parents 

Twinkl and Classroom Secrets are two educational resource sites who are offering free parent accounts during the coming weeks. These sites both have a wealth of resources for all age groups:

Twinkl - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Classroom Secrets -

The following websites also offer good quality learning opportunities: