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Monday 8th February 2021.


History: I can compare similarities and differences between Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.


I can write sentences to explain which Nurse I think is the most significant in history.


Activity 1:

Read the statements on the worksheet below, sort them using the Venn diagram provided and stick them where you think they need to go.


If the statement is about Florence stick it in the her circle, if it is about Mary stick it in her circle and if you think that it is true about both nurses then stick it in the middle, where the two circles overlap.


Activity 2:

Think about all that you have learnt over the previous weeks about these two famous nurses.

Decide which nurse you think is the MOST important (significant) and then write sentences to explain why you think they are more important than the other.

Use the word 'because' in your sentence. Try and use facts that you have learnt to prove why they are more important in your opinion.

Below are pictures of pages taken from two books that we would have looked at if we were in school. I have included them as I thought that you may like to look at them.