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Jigsaw Calm me time.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021.


This week we are looking at emotions.


Can you tell when other people are calm? 

Can you tell when other people are not calm?


How do you know? What might you see or hear them do?


Can you describe how calm feels?

Take some calm me time and afterwards think about how you feel


look at the Cosmic Yoga Peace out video and afterwards, think about how you feel.


Can you describe what it feels like to feel tense?

Tense means: when you can't relax your body or emotions.

It might help you to think of a time when you haven't been able to relax.

The GoNoodle video below will help you understand 'tense' as it asks you clench a fist and make your body tense before relaxing.



See if you can find examples in a magazine of people who look calm and tense.

Cut them out and see if you can order them from the most calm to the most tense.

Can you explain why you have ordered them in the way you have? 

Can you write a word to describe each person such as relaxed, calm, tense?

Rainbow Waterfall (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

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On & Off - Flow | GoNoodle

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Wednesday 24th February 2021.


Healthy choices.


This term we will be learning about making healthy choices.


What does it mean to be healthy?


Can you think of 4 things that keep you healthy?



Draw 4 pictures to illustrate your ideas.

For example:

balanced diet, drinking water, exercise, sleeping well, keeping clean etc...


Dreams & goals.


Can you think of a dream or goal you have achieved?

For example:

*playing a sport


*baking a cake


How did that make you feel?



Your challenge over the next three weeks, is to choose one of the following challenges on the link below:

When your parents email your work to Miss Low, you can tell us which challenge you have chosen. We look forward to finding out which challenge you have selected.

Use the ladder above to identify the steps you will need to take to help you achieve your goal (the challenge you have selected).

You can send us some pictures or an update each week so that we can see your improvements and the steps that you are taking to achieve your goal!

Good luck!

Wednesday 3rd February 2021.


Dreams and Goals Garden.




Imagine you are in a beautiful garden. 

It could be your own garden or one that you have visited.

You feel safe and happy there.


Imagine what plants, birds and creatures could be there.



Create your own imaginary dream birds using a range of materials.

Please send pictures of your dream birds when you email your work.

Flying bird template. You do not have to use this and can use junk or whatever you have at home to create your dream bird.

Wednesday 10th February 2021.


Below you will find a dreams and aspirations flower. On the petals of the flower we would like you to draw your dreams for the future and your aspirations.


These could be jobs that you want to do like be an astronaut or doctor. It could be how you want to feel like happy or how you want to be to others like a good friend or kind.


Then you can colour in or decorate the flower.


An aspiration is something that you have a strong desire to achieve.

You really want to be able to do it.

Dream and aspirations flower