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Friday 13th

Morning Year 3,

I hope you are all feeling ok. It feels a bit strange not being at school with everyone but we are able to keep in touch and I will try to do an online activity next week, where we can see each other. 


Thank you to everyone who has sent in their work from yesterday. I was very impressed! The photos that you sent showed that you were working very hard. Please could I ask though that you check photos are sending the correct way up as after marking last night I had quite a crick in my neck! surprise I don't know if this is possible but I couldn't turn them when I received them.  


Instructions for the day

Try your best with the work. I know you were all getting quite confident with the column addition. We will be moving onto column subtraction next week!

All the information you need to complete the work is under the different headings. I will also add some mindfulness activities to help if you feel a bit anxious or worried. They are on the previous page under the heading Mindfulness.


I'm looking forward to seeing all your work.


Take care 

Mrs Anderson smiley

Literacy -Read the non-fiction text 'Buried treasure' and answer the questions on the following sheet,