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Friday 8th January


I hope you are all reading the text again before answering the questions each day. If you are you will know the text well by now and it will be so much easier to complete the activity.


It may be a good idea to write out the 8 times table and watch the song video before watching the learning video and completing the sheet. You could draw them on a number line or simply write them out in order. You might like to play the matching game again before starting.


Your task is to select 3 objects from the list and draw them. Listing as many adjectives as you can to describe them before creating a selection of expanded noun phrases about each item. You can use words from the word mat and use your own. Use a dictionary or thesaurus if you have one.

When you have chosen your favourite, explain how your Beastie came to have the item. Record a couple of sentences about it.


Click through the PowerPoint 'Parts of our world'. Read all the information and then use it to complete the question sheet.