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Friday 20th

Free Draw Friday

Enjoy some time drawing and or colouring like we do for morning work each Friday



Over the next few lessons, you are going to write your own story about a child who goes back to Stone Age times. Your task today is to draw images and add key vocabulary to your Story Planner ready to write your story next week.


Select from the following list something to copy out, demonstrating your best handwriting.

  • a poem
  • your favourite jokes
  • a recipe you love to follow
  • your favourite part of a story.
  • facts about your favourite animal, famous person, sport


As you are writing it, think carefully about;

  • the height of your letters
  • the grounding of your letters
  • the start and end point of your letters
  • the snuggling of letters in words and clear spaces between words
  • the correct formation of your letters


I will be expecting at least 8 lines of writing!

Below is an image showing the correct heights and sizes of letters.



You may like to try Level 1 of Dance Mat typing again or...

if you did really well try you hands at level 2