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Whole class feedback from Miss Low

Tuesday 19th January 2021.

Examples of similes that we thought of in school for today's activity.

These might be helpful to you if you found this tricky.


Standing up straight like crunchy carrots.

Playing excitedly with our friends on the playground like popping popcorn.

Lining up as straight as soldiers.

Walking around school as quiet as mice.

Wiggling around in our chair like wiggly worms.

Racing around the field as quick as a flash.


Tuesday 26th January 2021.

WALT write alliterative expanded noun phrases.

These are some of the ideas that we discussed and thought of in school today:


a white, wobbly whiteboard

the smooth, strong screen

a pointy, pink pencils

the smelly, squirty sanitiser

the big, bendy book


We hope that these help you if you got stuck.