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9:45 - 10:15


We have been given the opportunity for some cricket coaching today.

Zoom meeting information was sent to you last week.

At school we will be just watching the session in the classroom and doing the session at a later date.


If you wish to actively join in the session , the children will need;


  • A ball (options to be available including different sizes and objects e.g. bean bags)

  • 4 cones each for markers

  • A flat wall will be needed, (not essential)

  • A target to aim at (e.g. a bin, a pillow etc.)

  • Something that they can hit the ball with (e.g. another sporting instrument like a tennis racket. If they haven’t got this, the children can use a book or frying pan to hit the ball with). Please note; the ball won't be hit around the house, the activity is a bat tap challenge and is more focused around balance and control rather than power.