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Class 5


Teacher: Mr Eaton

Teaching SEN/Assistant: Mrs Smith and Mrs Humble

Specialist Teachers: Mrs Marshall (Music) and Mr Newbold (PE)

Intervention Support: Mrs. K. Sheffield

Class Governor:  Mrs F. Griffith


Goodbye Year 5


I just wanted to show the children in Year 5, and their parents, how much I have enjoyed teaching them this year by writing the poem below.


Year 5 2020


Your time in Year 5 is now complete,

So I thought I’d write a message as we cannot meet.

Thank you for making my first year so great,

We’ve had a busy year and worked at an incredible rate.


I’ve pushed you to do better; be your best,

But you’ve met my expectations you’ve passed the test!

We’ve had laughs, tears, high fives and smiles,

You’ve been great to teach with all your unique styles.


We’ve had lots of fun and learnt plenty of new things,

I’ve also watched some of you dance and sing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as me,

Keep trying your best and what will be will be.


You’re ready to move on and start a new chapter,

But I’ll still be able to hear about your learning, and laughter.

Thank you for this year, it’s been a ball,

You’re amazing children so be proud and stand tall!


Mr Eaton, Year 5 teacher

Blakedown Primary School, 2020


(Opening present video on Video Upload page below)

Year 5 Transition


Hi Year 4 (nearly Year 5),


I hope that you are all excited to be in Year 5 next year; I am excited about teaching you and seeing you grow emotionally and socially as well as academically.  For those of you that don't know, I started teaching at Blakedown in September 2019 and have been teaching for 4 years.  Before I was a teacher I worked as a personal trainer for 12 years.  I am married and have 2 daughters of my own and I am a huge fan of the current Premier League Champions, Liverpool Football Club.


We will get to know each other well during our time together next year but before that I need to know some things about you.  I would like you to write a letter to me saying things you like and what you are looking forward to next year, as well as any other information you want to tell me.  These can be emailed to the school office email ( or brought in when you are back to school in September.


A 'Welcome to Year 5' presentation will be added to the web page as well as a video tour of the classroom, so you can familiarize yourself with the layout and displays.



Any updates I will add onto the website as and when.


Stay safe and look after one another!


Mr Eatonsmiley


Class 5 Reminders

Please do not forget to have with you the following items on the correct days of the week!


  • PE Kits should be in school from Monday mornings for PE throughout the week. 
  • Homework to be handed in on Wednesdays and then handed back out on Friday. 
  • Spelling lists are to be taken home on a Friday ready to be tested on a Monday.
  • Reading records should be in school on a daily basis and signed on a weekly basis.


***It is vitally important that the children become independent and take responsibility for ensuring that they have the correct equipment in school on the correct days.  There will be suitable consequences for those who continue not to follow the expectations as it is unfair on those children who consistently meet them.***