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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!
Teacher: Miss Alton/Miss Harrison
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tromans
Class Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Cro
Specialist Teachers: Mrs Anderson, Mrs Marshall, Miss Yenson

Who are we?
Welcome to Class 4, we are a mixed age class of Year 5 and Year 6 children. Miss Harrison has been welcomed back warmly  from her maternity and is continuing to work alongside Miss Alton as our teachers for this year.  We also have the support and help of Mrs Tromans who teaches groups of children throughout the day and a class teaching assistant  in our class to help different groups and individuals with their learning.
During the year, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Marshall teach French, Music and Choir on Wednesday afternoons.  Miss Yenson teaches one of the PE sessions on Tuesdays. We are also very lucky to have volunteers such as parents and members of the community who help us.

Themed Learning
Our current topic is 'From a Story'
In Class 4 our topic is closely linked to Literacy and so we have many opportunities for writing. During 'From a Story' we will be looking at Carol Ann Duffy as our author focus and we will be experiencing different takes on her twisted fairytales such as: 'The Princess' Blankets' and 'The Tear Thief'. We will be encouraging learning throughout a range of non-fiction text types such as explanations, newspaper reports and formal discussions along with our own poetry based on children's own ideas for their blankets and playscripts created from improvised drama; children will also have the opportunity to put their own twist on the stories and become their own authors! 

Our Science for this half term will be based around properties of materials,  where we will be looking closely at reversible and irreversible changes linked to our previous baking project. We will also be allocating time on Wednesday's to ensure the children have opportunities to get involved with more practical experiements. We have kicked off this unit by completing an experiment all about dissolving and we have looked a new vocabulary such as: solute, soluble, insoluble, solutions and solubility. The children have enjoyed this so far and we hope to add to this throughout this half term.    

In our writing we are looking at Non-Fiction and Fiction texts linked to our topic. We will be writing explanations and discussions that link to our science study.  We work hard in Class 4 to edit and improve our writing and are doing really well at including WOW vocabulary and extensive grammar qualities in our work. At the moment we are looking closely at the fairytale 'The Princess' Blankets' and we have completed a variety of fantastic work from the text including: narative stories, character descriptions, formal writing, diary entries inlcuding more opportunitie which have been planned for this half term. The children have enjoyed working from this particular text and therefore we have decided to continue the great work from it before we move on to 'The Tear Thief' 

Children are encouraged to read a range of books in Class 4 on a regular basis. This can be a school reading book, a book from home, newspaper or digital book. Children are expected to read each night at home for a short period of time to an adult: this is to be recorded in their Reading Record regularly. It is vital that children are able to understand the texts that they are reading, by asking your child a few questions about what they have read recently will further their comprehension skills. Please use the AF question sheets in the reading diaries to help you! 

Guided Reading sessions are carried out daily in Class 4. Children take part in a carousel of activities, including: reading a shared text twice a week in focus groups with an adult, a spelling, punctuation or grammar activity, a comprehension task based upon the shared reading and a digital free reading session.  Access to Fiction Express can be found here.

Our daily numeracy lessons are usually focused on Number, Calculation and Problem Solving. Shape and Space, Measures and Handling Data are linked to the current topic where possible but are taught discretely when needed. This gives children the opportunity to use and apply the knowledge and skills gained in new situations to solve problems.

In Class 4 we have a weekly mental math's test which consist of 20, timed questions covering a range of mathematical topics. In addition to this we take part in a times table challenge. A progressive, 3-minute timed test of 50 questions at least 3 times a week. The practise of times tables, number bonds, doubles and halves and mental calculations at home would be beneficial.

We have two scheduled PE lesson each week, this covers gymnastics, games and athletics. Dance and outdoor and adventurous activities are covered through our topic where possible. We are also very lucky to be able to take part in sessions with local coaches for tag rugby, football and cricket.
The children also have the opportunity to compete in a variety of sporting events throughout the year, such as Tag Rugby, Cross Country, Football and Netball.

Children should always have a full PE kit in school. This includes a t-shirt, shorts, outdoor trainers, spare socks, navy or black tracksuit trousers and top. Pumps are not needed but may be included. If children wear ear-studs they should be able to remove them quickly or be provided with medical tape to cover them.

WOW Moments

Each child in Class 4 has an area allowing them to show off their WOW moments; where they feel they have aachieved something new or are proud of a new skill. These are updated regularly and children have the opportunity to add to these when they feel necessary. We like to be proud of our work in Class 4! ...afterall, we spend a lot of time perfecting new skills which we are learning.

In Class 4 children will be required to complete a piece of Literacy and Numeracy on a weekly basis. This is in addition to reading, spelling, times tables and mental mathematics.
An optional grid will be provided for Topic work where children can select which activities to complete. These will be 'showcased' for parents and children to view at the end of each topic.

For the current homework tasks please see the link below to our Homework page for Class 4.
Guidelines on homework expectations can be found on the Homework page within the Curriculum area of our website.

Learning for Life Academy
In Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity each half term to work in small groups and select a type of learning that falls outside the usual curriculum. These sessions allow children to try something new, investigate a topic of interest or learn a new skill. Sessions are run by the staff, volunteers from the community or other pupils! Past sessions include: golf, cake decorating, modern art, cartoon creation, dance, craft, musical band, rock-it ball, gardening, podcasts, charity work, logic games, Around the world, Eco, No 'I' in team and many more. Sometimes children will be required to bring in extra clothes or equipment for their sessions. They will be informed if this is the case. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our class and hope you can come and visit us soon.

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