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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


Teacher:  Mr Hanson
Class Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Clements
SEN Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Allen
Specialist Teachers:  Mrs Anderson, Mrs Marshall, Miss Yenson

Who are we?
Welcome to Class 3, we are mixed age class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. Mr Hanson is the class teacher. Mrs Anderson and Mrs Marshall teach French and Music on one afternoon a week and Miss Yenson often teaches one of our PE sessions. Mrs Clements is our teaching assistant in the class and supports us so we can improve across the curriculum. We are also lucky to have volunteers such as parents and members of the community who help us  with our reading.

Monday - Literacy, Numeracy, PE, Topic
Tuesday - Literacy, Numeracy, Science
Wednesday - Literacy, Numeracy, Music, French
Thursday - Literacy, Numeracy, PE, RE
Friday - Literacy, Numeracy, Computing, Topic

Class Rules
These are the rules we developed as a class at the beginning of the year:
1. We listen when other people are talking.
2. We put up our hand when we want to speak.
3. We are always kind and helpful to others.
4. We respect our classroom.
5. We tidy up after ourselves.
6. We always try to do our best and enjoy learning.
These rules are clearly displayed in the classroom.

Themed Learning
This term our topic is named 'From a Story'. We will be studying an author and a particular book in a lot of detail. Our chosen author is Satoshi Kitamura and the book we are focussing on is entitled Stone Age Boy. We will be looking at lots of story crafting techniques that can be gleaned from this text as well as studying the stone age setting. Included in this topic are lots of opportunities for parents to get more involved with reading in school. Please check the Newsletters for the dates and times of these events!

Our focus in Literacy this half term will be closely linked to our topic work. We will be studying how to write effective stories through our chosen text. In addition, we will also be writing lots of non-fiction texts that are linked to the stone age.

Reading is very important, not just in the decoding of words, but in the understanding of the text. Children are expected to read a small amount everyday to an adult who will ask them questions about what they have read. This is to be recorded in the reading record. Books can be changed any day by handing them in in the morning. Children are also encouraged to read a range of other texts; visit the local library or bookshop; be read to by an adult. In class 3, a guided reading session is included at the start of everyday where the children have chance to learn and practise reading skills such as locating facts, duducing information and commenting on the author's word choices.

Our daily numeracy lesson usually focusses on number and calculation with discrete lessons in shape and space and handling data where needed. There is a regular timed tables test where children advance up levels when they answer fifty questions correctly in three minutes.  Practise of these at home along with numberbonds is very beneficial.

Please see the link below to the Homework page for Class 3.  Guidelines about homework expectations can be found on the Homework page of the Curriculum area of our website.

WOW Moments



We have two scheduled PE lessons each week. These are on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. This covers gymnastics, games, athletics, dance, outdoor & adventurous activities and swimming (if children have not yet reached their 25m target). Children should always have a full PE kit in school. This includes a t-shirt, shorts, outdoor trainers, spare socks, tracksuit trousers and top. Pumps are not needed but may be included. If children wear ear-studs they should be able to remove them quickly or be provided with medical tape to cover them.

Learning for Life Academy (LFLA)
In Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity each half term to work in small groups and select a type of learning that falls outside the usual curriculum. These sessions allow children to try something new, investigate a topic of interest or learn a new skill. Sessions are run by the staff, volunteers from the community or other pupils! Past sessions include: golf, cake decorating, modern art, cartoon creation, dance, craft, musical band, rock-it ball, gardening, podcasts, charity work, logic games, and many more. Sometimes children will be required to bring in extra clothes or equipment for their sessions. They will be informed if this is the case.
We hope you have enjoyed reading about our class and hope you can come and visit us soon.

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