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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!    
            Teacher: Miss Low
Teaching Assistants: Miss Chance & Mrs Penn
Specialist Teachers: Mrs Anderson (French), Mrs Marshall (Music) and Miss Yenson (Physical Education).

Who Are We? 

Welcome to Class 2, we are mixed age class of Year 1 and Year 2 children. Miss Low is the class teacher and Miss Chance and Mrs Penn are our teaching assistants.  Mrs Anderson and Mrs Marshall teach French and Music during one afternoon a week. Miss Yenson is a part of our teaching team on Tuesdays helping to teach Physical Education. We are also lucky to have volunteers such as parents and members of the community who help us with our reading.

Themed Learning  

We have fun learning in many different ways! Wherever possible we will link different parts of the Curriculum into our theme, whether it be Maths, Literacy, Science, Geography, History, Art, D&T, Music, R.E, P.E or Computing.  See the sub-page below to view the topic web for this term or click here.

Our first theme for 2014-2015  was a whole school theme called'Heroes.' We also had a whole school focus for the first two weeks on 'Secrets of success' where we talked about our targets and expectations for the year and looked at the learning behaviours we need to be successful in our learning and to improve! These are taken from the Chris Quigley 'Secrets of success' and are; 
  • try new things
  • work hard
  • don't give up
  • improve
  • imagine
  • understand others
  • concentrate
  • push yourself


We use these in our learning and our teachers reward us when we demonstrate these behaviours independently and display them on our 'secrets of success' wall. Many of us are now identifying when we are demonstrating these learning behaviours and are able to identify appropriate ones that link to the work we are completing.  Our 'Heroes' theme was linked to Science heavily where we learnt about the body and senses but we also looked at a real life hero from history and famous Christian, Florence Nightingale. We compared nursing and hospitals when Florence was alive with modern day and also tried to explain why she is considered a hero and what difference she made. We were creative and designed our own superhero outfits and powers, looked at hero stories and had visitors in school who we thought were heroes. These included a doctor, nurse, RAC van and driver/mechanic and a farmer. We were also heroes as we bought donations in for the Food bank and people in the community for Harvest and raised money for Children in need by dressing as our heroes.

Autumn 2 - 'Toys' This was a design and technology heavy theme as we researched, designed, made, evaluated and sold products to sell at the School christmas market. We had a homework task to prepare an idea for the christmas market and we picked jam jar snow globes as these linked to our Eco school status. With help from Miss Low we linked this to Maths and worked out how much each snow globe had cost to make and what profit we would achieve if we sold them at different prices. We then voted on which price we thought was fair and would make us a profit and it was a fantastic achievement that all of our snow globes sold and we made £58 profit. We now need to think of ideas for how we can either spend this money or invest it into another Enterprise idea to make our money grow! :) We also practised and performed our Christmas production at the end of this theme and practised our spoken language skills.

Spring one - Time Travellers.This is going to be a History based curriculum which will continue with a focus on toys. We will look at how toys have changed within living memory and learn about the history of Lego. We will also link our Literacy by looking at famous bear stories such as Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne and Paddington bear and order these famous bears chronologically. We will also be linking this theme to Computing by looking at how computer games and consoles have evolved within living memory and how telephones have changed as this year is the 30th anniversary of the first mobile phone called made. There will also be a link to Science as we learn about materials and their properties.


In Class 2 we are superstars at bringing our homework back complete and on time! Often, some of us even do extra homework about our theme!

Please see the link below to our Homework page for Class 2. Guidance about expectations can be found on the Homework page within the Curriculum area of our website.


In Year 1 and 2, children receive a daily phonics lesson following a detailed and systematic phonics programme to support them in learning to read and spell. The school uses Letters and Sounds along with Jolly Phonics to teach Phonics. Children have a weekly spelling test. The words used initially for spelling tests are the age appropriate high frequency words and words that link to the phonics that the children have been taught. New words are given to children on Mondays and they are shown strategies such as applying their phonic knowledge and the use of things like mnemonics to help them learn their spellings. They are tested on these words the following Monday and then new words are given. We also put the words in context as we discuss their meaning and our spellings are tested within sentences. 

The children also take part in daily Literacy lessons based around a central text, author or specific text type. These sessions include activities such as shared reading and writing, guided writing, role on the wall, drama, hot-seating and many other opportunities which enable them to develop their speaking and listening skills. Where possible, Miss Low will try and link Literacy to real life experiences or make the lesson practical, especially when we are learning about texts such as instructions. We also learn about grammar and punctuation as well as using VCOP to create success criteria for our writing tasks. This is so that we can make our work as good as it can be! We are learning to independently use a Thesaurus to look for words we are going to use in our writing and look for more adventurous words to use instead. We are also learning to use dictionaries to check on spellings of unfamiliar words (year 2) and find out what words mean.

This half term our focus is going to be on teddy bear and stories about toys including the traditional story 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears' as well as some modern twists on this classic tale. We will try and write some poetry and demonstrate our understanding of instruction writing from last half term as we write instructions on how to make marmalade sandwiches for Paddington bear. We will look at settings and develop our vocabulary to be able to confidently and competently use a range of language to describe these worlds that could appear in a video game such as Mario kart.


We have home reading books which we can change on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. Some children who are reading higher level books with chapters are allowed to change their own books as and when they finish them - similar to that which happens in Key Stage 2 classes. We are lucky to have helpers from the Community who visit weekly to hear us read. We have Guided Reading sessions where we are taught how to read books; how to use punctuation in books to read with expression and fluency; to identify the features of different texts types and how to use them; to look for meaning in stories that may not be explicit and understand the cultural and historical contexts of some books. We also sing a song to help us understand what the assessment focuses are for reading and what skills we need to have to be super readers! We are also lucky in Class 2 that we have a selection of books and magazines that we can choose to read from our class Library. Often children in class 2 will bring in their favourite books to share with the class, sometimes they even read them aloud themselves to the class!

We will be reading stories about toys and bears including the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears' as well as some modern twists on this much loved tale. We will share some Paddington bear stories and Winnie the Pooh stories as a class as well as other stories about toys such as Dogger.

In Class 2 we have a daily Maths lesson where the main focus often is number work and calculations. We have been trying to improve our 'Number Sense' and confidence by focusing on quick recall of number facts such as times tables, number bonds and doubles and halves of numbers. Other opportunities for us to use and practise our Mathematical skills are found in other areas of the Curriculum as well. We want to understand why we need to learn, understand and be able to use different Mathematical concepts and therefore Miss Low delivers Maths in practical, real life contexts and in other areas of the curriculum. Miss Low not only wants us to love Maths but understand its importance within everyday life. We love using Number Fun songs and actions to learn Mathematical language and number facts and we enjoy activities on too. We enjoy getting outside the classroom to do Maths lessons wherever possible, completing practical Maths activities and playing Maths games. We also cover the other areas of Maths which are measures, data handling, shape and space, mental arithmetic and complete Mathematical investigations. These Mathematical investigations are where we can show what we know and use our Mathematical understanding to solve problems. We have times tables tests each week to see how we are getting on at learning our times tables and eventually the division facts that go with them. If we can recall the facts quickly, we can move onto the next times table. By the end of Year 2 Miss Low wants us to know, quickly recall and use the facts for the 10, 2, 5 and 3 times table.
We have target cards for Maths which help us to know what we are good at and what we need to get better at. We can see on them that we are improving at Maths! 

In Class 2 Maths is FUN!! smiley We LIKE Maths.

Religious Education. 
As a Church of England school, Religious Education is an important part of our Curriculum. We have weekly, hour long sessions of Religious Education. These are normally taught discretely unless what we are learning about links to our theme.  This term we are learning about Islam.

Our Christian Value for whole school collective worship last term was generosity. This term our Christian value is Wisdom.
See our Worship Council page for more information.


WOW Moments



In Class 2 we have weekly PE lessons on Tuesdays therefore full PE kits (which can be purchased from the school office) are expected to be in school on these days. Ideally PE kits should be in school every day as there are occasions where we have to be flexible with our timetable and change the day we do PE or have visitors to run extra workshops with the children. Thank you.
  This Year, children in Year 2 who cannot swim 25m (which is the legal requirement for Schools) are going swimming from the Autumn term every Wednesday morning at Franche Primary School with some Year 3 pupils. We are learning about movement with a specific dance focus in our PE sessions this half term and Miss Yensen is helping us to learn, practise and perform a dance routine for the Year 2 dance festival at Haybridge High school with our Pyramid schools. So far this year we have also covered Games - bat and ball skills and Gymnastics - rolls. 

Forest School 

Due to the building work taking place we are currently unable to have our weekly Forest school lessons but as soon as this work is completed, we will be back in our wellingtons and back outside learning and exploring. In the meantime our teachers are looking for opportunities for our learning to take place outdoors, especially in subjects such as Science. If you have some wellies that you can leave in school just in case we want to get outside, that would be great! :) This term we will need to start to prepare our allotment area for new seeds so that we can grow our own food as part of our Farming theme next half term which will have a Science and D&T focus. Hopefully if we get it right we can get into the school kitchen and make some treats to eat with the fruits and vegetables that we grow! Yum!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our class and hope you can come and visit us soon.

Until that time ...... .


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