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Bubble Closure

Hello Year 3,

We have found ourselves here due to a recent case of COVID-19 being confirmed within our bubble. Please do not worry, as we are all in this together and teachers have been aware of the possibility of this scenario, which has allowed us to prepare.

For now, I will be updating this page of the website daily with all of the work and resources you need in order to continue our learning. Moving forward, I may communicate with you via email, as I have shown you how to log in and access your homework. Keep checking this class page for updates and I will let you know if this is the case.


Completed Work

All completed work should be returned via the home learning email. I will endeavour to respond to it within 48 hours.



Take care and keep safe 

Mrs Anderson smiley




Every day you should complete some reading as well as practising  your spellings and your times tables. You can access TTRockstars to practise your times tables.


I understand that you only have two school reading books at home with you so you should read any of your own books and log them in your reading record. We can add them all onto the Space Race when we get back into the classroom. I am investigating a way of you accessing online books and I will keep you posted on this.


Your spelling are using the prefixes mis- and re-.

They are rebuild, reappear, recalculate, mistake, misbehave, misheard

You may choose to learn some other words that contain the selected prefixes. I will also upload the Year 3/4 spellings for you to work on should you wish to.