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25 May 2020

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well at home. Did you enjoy the story of Sir Charlie and his great big adventure? Did you guess what was behind the little wooden door?

Last week I was in school with Miss Alton and Mrs Beckford-Bond with the children whose parents are key workers. We had lovely weather again so we were able to be outside lots. 

We did our school work and a range of crafts.

At home we have played a range of our favourite board games. We love the games Carcassonne, Labyrinth and Enchanted Forest and play them often. I'd love to hear what games you are playing, we are always looking for new family games to try.

Take care and enjoy Half Term with your families.

Mrs Anderson laugh



9th May 2020

Hello Year 3 - I hope you all had an enjoyable (and safe) VE day celebration with your families. We had a picnic in our garden. The weather was certainly kind to us. 

Mr Anderson is working from home lots more than usual and this is giving him more time to bake bread. He has become very good at it. I have photographed one of his loaves and the scotch pancakes I have been making. The pancakes are quite easy to make and delicious to eat with fruit and syrup. The downside to lots of bread and cake is the need for me to do more exercise! sad

Mr Anderson took me on a 5km brisk walk today, it was very hot and I was very tired.

I have seen some superb sound poems that you created last week.

It might be nice to share them on our class page. If you send me anything to look at would you please say if you are happy for me to share it in our gallery? Anyway, Mr Anderson is trying to do a barbecue before it rains, so I better go and help! Take care, look after each other and keep having fun. Mrs A x



4th May 2020

Hello all.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I have had some lovely letters from you over the last couple of weeks and have really enjoyed reading about what you have been up to.

I am currently looking after my aunt's dog as my aunt cannot care for her at the moment. Her name is Gizzy and she has made herself at home with us. She has made friends with our dog (Lottie) and is loving going out, over the fields each day. Especially as Mr Anderson lets her off her lead. She is 15 years old and a bit deaf but she can still run quite quickly. Sometimes she sets off in the wrong direction and cannot hear us calling her back so we have to run after her and fetch her back. 

This is Lottie. This is Gizzy.


Week 1 in the "Mrs Anderson Lock down blog"


I am managing to keep very busy. I have been in school for three of the weeks so far, looking after the children who are unable to stay safely at home. It is very strange without you all but we, like you, are getting on and making the best of it. 

When I'm not working I am doing some baking. I have tried choc chip muffins, crumble and our favourite so far drop scones or as they are also known scotch pancakes.

I have also started learning Spanish. I have an app on my phone and I have to spend 15 minutes every day practicing. Maybe I can teach you some of it when we get back to school. 

I have also been doing shopping for mine and Mr Anderson's mums, as they are not going out. Some of your grandparents are probably doing the same thing. Anyway take care and send me some pictures of the things you've been up to.

Take care Mrs A laugh