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Monday 6th April 2020


Hi Everyone, 

Why was the Easter bunny so upset? 

What happens when you tell an egg a joke?


Me again! blush and Easter is fast approaching! 

I hope you are all well and you are still keeping yourselves safe at home?


So we would have broken up for the holidays by now, I feel like the last couple of weeks have flown by; the days feel like they are merging into one!

What day is it today again? laugh


Well I have been a busy bee, as I'm sure you all have too! I have been reading your Harry Potter writing that we completed just before we closed and I am truly impressed with your efforts - you have all created writing with such enthusiasm and imagination. They have been a pleasure to read and you should be very proud of themyes


I have also learnt a new skill ... 

I had a go at making my own sourdough bread over the weekend and although it wasn't perfect, I was quite proud of my first attempt! smiley I expect a lot of you have also been baking at home? hopefully lots of tasty treats - It's definitely a great way to stay occupied.


I wonder if anyone else has learnt something new too? 


I hope you are managing to keep yourselves entertained with lots of different activities; you may even be making lots of nice memories with your families too! 


I hope to see you all soon but for now, I will continue to catch up with you on here. 


Speak soon, 

Miss Alton 

1) He was having a bad hare day

2) It cracks up!


Monday 30th March 2020 

Hi Everyone, 

 What did the science book say to the maths book?

 What do you call a pig that does karate?

(Scroll down to find the answer)

I hope you are all doing well at home and that you had a lovely weekend

 I thought I would update you with what I have been up to! 


So last week I was in school but this week I will be working from home myself like all of you are too - I have made myself a list of everything I want to achieve this week to try and keep myself busy but I'm very often being interrupted with someone who wants to play fetch... guess who! Over the weekend though I have managed to do some nice things: - 

I've been taking Bailey out for our daily exercise over the forest, taking care to wash my hands before and after and where I have met other people over the forest we have ensured that we have kept our distance - the weather was beautiful last week too, so we tried to make the most of the sunshine!  


We also made stained glass rainbows last week at school to stick in our windows to support the NHS; they really glisten in the sunshine. We just used PVA glue on a plastic wallet, stuck tissue paper on top and painted a layer of glue on top of the tissue paper, waited for it to dry and then peeled this off the plastic wallet - you may be able to do this at home. 


Did you clap at 8pm last week for the NHS? I was clapping outside of my window and could hear lots of people on my road doing the same. They were ringing bells and I'm sure I could hear some people banging saucepans! To see everyone supporting each other was really lovely heart


On Sunday, I decided to do some baking and I made a blueberry and lemon drizzle loaf cake (they were going to be muffins but I changed my mind) and I cut some up to share with my Grandad and my parents. I will leave this on their doorsteps as a little treat - I will add the recipe below if you would like to make this - it was delicious!

I'm sure you have been doing lots of lovely things too and most importantly keeping yourselves safe - I hope you are finding the work that I am setting helpful but remember, do not worry if you haven't managed to get it all done or if you have found some of it challenging and you have had to leave it - just do the best that you can! yes


Take Care  and I'll catch up again soon

Miss Alton 


1) Wow, you've got problems.

2) A pork chop!


Monday 23rd March 2020 

Morning Everyone, 

I thought I would update you with a little picture from Bailey and I, as promised! 


Over the weekend I visited a gardening centre with my Dad (making sure we kept a safe distance from one another) and decided that it was the perfect time to fill some empty pots on my drive with some summer-flowering bulbs. I also thought it would be a good idea to pull up any weeds I could spot too! 

Bailey thought he was an expert and decided to sit on the window sill (with my Crocs may I add!) to inspect my work! 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends too! 

Miss Alton x