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Autumn Term

Thursday 5th November


For this half term we have created a grid with many different activities. Each week the children can choose one activity to do and then if necessary they can record their homework in the book we are sending home (this may just be a photograph).

The grid is shown below.


Please do NOT return books until Friday December 11th. We can then quarantine them before giving the children the opportunity to share their home learning in class during the final week of term.


Many thanks for your continued support.






Thursday 22nd October


Thank you for all your fabulous sentences about the bird. We have enjoyed reading them and are very pleased to see how you are remembering to use your kinetic letters when you are writing.


For your half term homework we would like you to continue with your reading and if you wish to you could log in to Education City and complete some of the activities there. (We have not created a City this time.) 

Thursday 15th October

Additional Note 09/10/20 


If you do not wish to discuss the question posed below, could you please focus your efforts on talking to your child about any visits they may have made to an animal sanctuary, zoo or safari park. From the comments we have already overheard in class we know that these will be positive conversations. Over the coming weeks children will have the opportunity during science lessons to:  

  • Share their experiences; 
  • Draw and label some of the animals they have seen;  
  • Identify similarities and differences;  
  • Discuss how each animal is suited to its habitat. 


Thursday 8th October 2020


This week, the homework is Talk Time and should be completed by Tuesday 13th October.


Are animals happy in zoos?


This is a moral question, based around our science learning about living things, which we’d like you to discuss at home with your child. During the discussion with your child, it’s important to appreciate that there may be two opposing views and that although it’s okay to disagree we should respect the opposing view.

Top Tips:

  • Turn the telly off.
  • Sit around the dining table.
  • Have a chat and share opinions and ideas.
  • Children should talk with family, friends and each other – maybe even using FaceTime or Skype.

There is no need to record anything from your discussions at home. The children will be able to share their views during our Science lessons over the coming week.

Thank you for your support.

Thursday 1st October


This weeks homework is all about some phonics sounds and is set on Education City.


Thank you to those of you who have sent in Autumn photographs they are already on our display. Please continue to send them in. 

Thursday 24th September


We have today sent out  a reminder of your child's Education City login.

Homework for this week is 3 activities on Education City in the 'city' titled Thursday 24th September.


Additionally, we are currently creating a display all about Autumn. If over the next few weeks you are out and about enjoying Autumn activities please send in a photo of your child so that we can add this to our display.

Many Thanks. 

Wednesday 23rd September

Thank you all for your fabulous pictures and wonderful sentences. We have thoroughly enjoyed looking at them all and will be displaying your work in the classroom. 

Do remember though that sentences need capital letters and full stops. 

Thursday 17th September

This week we would like the children to draw a picture of their pet or favourite animal. Underneath their picture we would like them to write one or two sentences telling us about their pet/ favourite animal. Please take a photo and email their work to

We look forward to seeing their work. smiley