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Worship Council


Our Worship Council representatives are:
Class One.

Reception: To be voted in during Spring term.
Class Two.
Year 1: Sophia and Hugh
Year 2: Ewan and Eirwen
Class Three.
Year 3: Rai and Evani
Year 4: Harry M and Suzannah
Class Four.
Year 5: Zach P  and Evie M
Year 6: Zac C and Jack B


Our Worship Council is made up of representatives from every year group in school. We have two representatives for each year group. Miss Low and Mrs Clements help to guide the Worship Council and were astounded by the number of children who were interested and eager to be a part of the Worship Council! Thank you all!  In classes we voted to choose our Worship Council representatives as there were so many children who wanted to take part. This, we felt was the democratic and fairest way to choose members across school for this year. Remember, even if you are not the chosen representative this year,  everyone has an important part to play in the life of our school and demonstrating daily, the Christian values that we are proud of and that demonstrate our distinctively Christian character and ethos. If you have any good ideas for how we can show service to others or live out our school values or improve the Christian ethos and atmosphere of our school, tell your Worship Council representatives, as they will bring them to our meetings. to discuss and work on.


Worship council will be looking for and rewarding children who they catch demonstrating our school vision and values as well as the Christian value being focussed on for this term.

Please keep looking at our page to see minutes of our meetings and what we have been up to.
We also have a notice board at the front of the school hall and outside Mrs Beckford-Bond's office, where we will display information about our aims and what we have been doing.


Spring Term 1












Seen from a Christian perspective all of life is a 'gift', entrusted by a loving creator God to humankind for a purpose. This purpose is glimpsed as the creative spirit within each person learns to value and explore, celebrate and enjoy this world in all its mystery and diversity. With this gift comes a mutual responsibility to ensure the creation is not spoiled, but rather sustained and shared by all.


This half term we are going to:

  • Lead art/craft work in our classes in Class Worship time which will go towards a whole school display demonstrating our reviewed School values which demonstrates what is special about us, our school, our Church and which Bible Stories and verse these are from. This display will also show the importance of our Church (St James the Great) and why the shell on our school uniform is special.


Autumn Term 2












Christians exemplified in his person, ministry and relationship with God, what it was to be called the 'servant King'. Christians believe that their calling is to follow Jesus' example according to their gifts of abilities. They believe that through serving God in others, 'perfect freedom' will ultimately be found.


As part of living out this Christian Value this half term we have:

  • Organised and collected donations of socks and chocolates to donate to the charity Chocs and Socks, who collect these items for homeless people.
  • We wrote and then read prayers for the Christmas Church Service with Father Paul and parents.
  • We decorated the school Christmas tree as a service to our school community.
  • We reflected on the ways we demonstrate 'service' in our School and daily lives. This has helped us to think about other things that we could and would like to do during the year to contribute to the life of our school and our friends.
  • After half term, Miss Low has created some 'Values cards'. We will have one of these each week which we will give to someone in school that demonstrates our school value in daily school life. If children receive these then they will post them into the 'Values box' where each week in Worship someone will be randomly picked and praised for having lived out the value being focused on.


Autumn Term 1












Christians believe that they can call God their friend because of the relationship made possible through Jesus.


This Worship theme has helped us to reflect on friendship and how we behave towards and treat one another. This has helped us make a good start to the school year.

We are trying to live out this value in school by playing and interacting with each other in a kind, fun and respectful way. We have set rules and responsibilities to follow in our classrooms and helped the new Reception class settle in by being buddy's to them, being kind and helpful and setting a good example of how to play nicely with each other. We have also reminded ourselves of our School Rights (at Blakedown CE Primary School we ALL have the right to learn, be safe and be respected) and reviewed and refined our School Christian Values by deciding upon 5 that we and our teachers feel are important to us and that help us flourish in our potential and be happy and valued individuals who are respectful and supportive of one another (perseverance, forgiveness, trust, respect, peace).


This half term we have:

  • Nominated class representatives and then voted to decide upon Council members
  • Had our photographs taken and produced 'profiles' for the Worship Council board
  • Held initial meetings to form an action plan/wish list for this year
  • Organised a collection of donations for Harvest Festival at Church by promoting it in our classes and creating posters to advertise the collection and remind parents, pupils and staff of what items are needed and when by
  • Collected items and then carried them to Church and decorated the Church with the items in preparation for the Harvest Festival Service
  • Checked that our classroom Worship areas are kept up to date and reflect this terms Christian Value

"Perseverance' Derek Redmond - When you don't give up, you cannot fail!

When you don't give up - you can't fail!