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Our Worship Council representatives are:


Class One.


Morgan T.

Class Two.


Class Three.


Class Four.





Class Five.



Our Worship Council is made up of representatives from every year group in school.  Miss Low and Mrs Clements help to guide and support the Worship Council. 

Worship Council members wear a blue badge to make them identifiable to their peers, staff and other visitors to school.

 Remember, even if you are not a Worship Council representative this year,  everyone has an important part to play in the life of our school and demonstrating daily, the Christian values that we are proud of and that demonstrate our distinctively Christian character and ethos.

If you have any good ideas about how we can show service to others, live out our school values or improve the Christian ethos and atmosphere of our school, tell your Worship Council representatives, as they will bring them to our meetings to discuss and work on.


Worship council will be looking for and rewarding children who they catch demonstrating our school vision and values as well as the Christian value being focussed on for this term.

Please keep looking at our page to see minutes of our meetings and what we have been up to.
We also have a notice board outside Mrs Beckford-Bond's office, where we will display information about our aims and what we have been doing.


Autumn Term 1



To live out this Christian Value we have started to collect our pennies to 'twin a toilet.' We are trying to raise enough money to build a toilet or toilet block for a school or community around the world that does not have them. Miss Low led an assembly to tell us about this and we have a toilet to collect our pennies in too.

We like putting our pennies into the toilet!

Miss Low will keep you up to date with how close we are to our target. This is going to be a focus all year.

We have also been generous by donating items for the Church Harvest Festival and our donations will go to members of the local community and to the Black Country Food Bank. Thank you again to all of our families for your kind donations.


In December we will be collecting donations of clean socks and chocolate for our 'Chocs and Socks' charity collection where our donations go to helping local homeless people in places like Kidderminster, Stourbridge and Birmingham.


We will have our annual Christmas Jumper Day with all donations going to Birmingham Children's Hospital.


Don't forget, generosity isn't only about the giving of 'things' but also your time, friendship, love and care. :)


This half term we have:

  • Nominated class representatives and then voted to decide upon Council members.
  • Had our photographs taken and produced 'profiles' for the Worship Council board.
  • Held initial meetings to form an action plan/wish list for this year.
  • Organised a collection of donations for Harvest Festival at Church by promoting it in our classes.
  • Collected items for Harvest and then carried them to Church and decorated the Church with them in preparation for the Harvest Festival Service.
  • Checked that our classroom Worship areas are kept up to date and reflect the Christian Value for this half term..

"Perseverance' Derek Redmond - When you don't give up, you cannot fail!

When you don't give up - you can't fail!