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Our Worship Council representatives are:

To be confirmed soon!
Class One.

Elijah. Lily Mae..

Class Two.


Morgan T.
Class Three.




Class Four.


Class Five.






Our Worship Council is made up of representatives from every year group in school.  Miss Low and Mrs Clements help to guide and support the Worship Council. 

Worship Council members wear a blue badge to make them identifiable to their peers, staff and other visitors to school.

 Remember, even if you are not a Worship Council representative this year,  everyone has an important part to play in the life of our school and demonstrating daily, the Christian values that we are proud of and that demonstrate our distinctively Christian character and ethos.

If you have any good ideas about how we can show service to others, live out our school values or improve the Christian ethos and atmosphere of our school, tell your Worship Council representatives, as they will bring them to our meetings to discuss and work on.


Worship council will be looking for and rewarding children who they catch demonstrating our school vision and values as well as the Christian value being focussed on for this term.

Please keep looking at our page to see minutes of our meetings and what we have been up to.
We also have a notice board outside Mrs Beckford-Bond's office, where we will display information about our aims and what we have been doing.


Autumn Term 1


We have been learning about the Christian Value of compassion so far this half term.

We have enjoyed visits from the local church 'Open the book' where they have shared Bible stories with us which help us learn about this value.

On 9th October Years 5 & 6 led our Harvest Worship which taught us why this is an important time of year for Christian people. We enjoyed their presentation, as well as the songs they sang, the messages they shared and the doughnut eating!

I think it is fair to say that the 'Little Orange' song was one of our favourite songs and across school we have enjoyed singing that song whilst thinking about Harvest and showing compassion to others. Thank you Mrs Marshall and Miss Alton for sharing that with us. :)


Thank you to all children and families for bringing donations in for Harvest to help live out this Christian Value and show generosity to help others. The food was sent to the Black Country Food Bank with help from our local Church community. Many thanks to all. :)






This year, Worship Council are going to lead Worship across the year. They also take part in and help with our local Church community when they come into school and perform Bible Stories for us in 'Open the Book' Worship.


We are looking forward to continuing our work with Mr Hewines and also working with Canon Sue.


They are going to lead on organizing the annual Harvest donations collection for the Food Bank, Christmas Jumper Day for Birmingham Children's Hospital and celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Children's Society Christingle.


The children would like to raise money to develop the area on the field (previously known as 'The Nature corner') into a quiet reflection and prayer area.

The Worship Council are going to design and plan what they feel would be good in the area and cost the project. We are then going to organize fund raising events across the year to raise the funds to complete this.

If any parents/ families feel that they would be able to volunteer time or resources across the year to support this, please contact Miss Low.


****Watch this space as we would like to involve families to help us produce a 'hug a tree' scarf for this area too. ****


What happened during 2017-18?

Last year, we collected our pennies to 'twin a toilet.' We raised enough money to build a toilet for a school or community around the world that does not have them. Miss Low led an assembly to tell us about this and we had a new toilet to collect our pennies in.


We also gave donations towards the Church Harvest Festival which went to members of the local community and to the Black Country Food Bank. Thank you again to all of our families for your kind donations.


In December we collected donations of clean socks and chocolate for our 'Chocs and Socks' charity collection where our donations went towards helping local homeless people in places like Kidderminster, Stourbridge and Birmingham.


We held our annual Christmas Jumper Day with all donations going to Birmingham Children's Hospital.


"Perseverance' Derek Redmond - When you don't give up, you cannot fail!

When you don't give up - you can't fail!