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Sport Premium


In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for PE and sport.  This funding is allocated to all maintained and state-funded primary schools.  Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding which should improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.  The Sport Premium has increased this year and now each school will receive a lump sum of £16,000 plus a premium of £10 per pupil.  Therefore, for 2017-18 Blakedown CE Primary will receive £17,540.

Aims of the use of P.E. & Sport Premium 2017-18.

At Blakedown CE Primary School we have decided to continue to use some of the Sport Premium to maintain the 'Hagley Pyramid Sports Parentship' and ensure the smooth running of the events we choose to offer with our other pyramid primary schools at Clent, Belbroughton, Romsley St Kenelm's and Hagley. 

The aims of this partnership are:

  • Every child in Key Stage 1 & 2 will have the opportunity to compete with children from another school;
  • Every opportunity will be made for staff CPD alongside coaches employed or specialist teachers used;
  • Teams will be entered into Tag Rugby, Cricket, Cross-Country, Netball, Football, Bell-Boating, Regatta & Rounders;
  • The opportunity will be given for a proportion of children to experience a sport that they would not normally participate in.

Other aims:

  • The partnership will employ a specialist P.E. teacher to work with all the P.E. leaders from each of the schools to devise a yearly programme of events; source venues and organise the upcoming events.  The funding covers the cost of this teacher; the cover for time for the P.E. leaders to meet; cost of venues and coaches to each of the events. 
  • To continue to enhance the skills of the teachers in teaching P.E. by employing a specialist P.E. teacher - Mr Jon Newbold, for one day a week.  His time is shared with St Kenelm's CE Primary School.  Mr Newbold will be the school's P.E. leader and will build upon the established programme to support staff professional development.  Mr Newbold will also provide two  after school clubs, one of which will be included within the remit of Sport Premium and will enable the development of school sports teams in sports such as football and netball, which is something the school has not been able to facilitate before now.  
  • To support costs towards the transporting to and from sporting events.
  • To buy into the Wyre Forest Sports Partnership, which will enable pupils in KS2 to play a range of competitive games with children from a greater variety of schools than just the pyramid.


Focus of P.E. Premium Spending 2017-18


  • To continue the enhancement of the quality of P.E. through on-going CPD opportunities provided for staff through the employment of a P.E. specialist.
  • To continue to support the costs of a specialist P.E. teacher across the pyramid who will co-ordinate the yearly programme of events across the pyramid.
  • Continue to provide pupils with a range of after-school sporting opportunities.
  • To support charges to enable pupils to compete at other venues.
  • To purchase inclusion in the Wyre Forest Sports Partnership - ongoing training and sporting events.
  • To purchase resources to enhance further sporting activities during the school day.
  • Continue to update and replace P.E. equipment when needed.
  • Due to the additional premium this year, further consideration to how this will be spent is required and decisions about this will appear here before the end of the term.

Summary and Impact of PE Premium Spending 2016-17


  • The Pyramid Active Schools activities added to the experiences that children had via their weekly PE sessions. Children were involved in cross country races, a multi-skills festival, tag rugby tournament, dance festival, orienteering, bush craft, team building skills and bell boating.
  • After school sports clubs ran across the year.  These changed each half term to ensure as many children were given an opportunity to try a new club as possible, they had choices of dance, gymnastics, bat & ball, netball and rounders.  All the clubs ran at full capacity.
  • Through the timetable of events held across the year with the pyramid primary schools, there has been increased opportunity for the children to be involved in a competitive sport.  Where teams have had to be chosen, children who were not involved last time were given first opportunity to take part. 
  • Children were trained and given opportunities to take part in Children's Marathon where they were encouraged to run laps of a set course across the week.  Many children were recorded as being very close to their half marathon due to this and there was increased brisk activity at breaktimes and lunchtimes because of this drive, which all children were encouraged to take part in.
  • Pupil feedback about PE lessons is extremely positive and they say they want even more than the 2 hours a week that they already receive!
  • Staff feedback about the ongoing P.E. support has also been positive as growing confidence from this has enabled higher quality of P.E. to be delivered by them as well as the P.E. specialist.
  • Although the school utilised Sainsbury's Active Vouchers to support purchase of some equipment, the sport premium also ensured that new mats, balls and a range of other equipment was replaced across the year.