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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Teacher:  Miss Low 

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Clements 

Specialist Teachers:  Mrs Marshall (Music);  Mr Newbold (P.E.)


Class News


  Year 1 have enjoyed their first few weeks back in school.

We are learning our new routines, getting to know our environment and teachers and trying our best in all that we do.

We have a Veterinary Surgery as a role play area.

We have been practising our phonics and handwriting.

We have been practising our alphabet and CAPITAL LETTER recognition and formation.

We have been making sure that we understand what a sentence is and unjumbling mixed up sentences.

Our first text in Literacy has been 'Oi Frog!' by Kes Gray and we have been rhyming words.

In Maths we have been sorting, counting and finding one more and one less than numbers. We have also been learning about the symbol > greater than, < less than and = equals and using these to compare sets of objects and numbers.

In our theme work we have introduced our focus on animals; identifying animals and sorting them in different ways. We have also been learning what it means if an animal is a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.

We have been learning and practising the correct formation of straight line capital letters. 


25/9/18 We had a visit from the Animal Lady.


We saw giant hissing cockroaches, met Jambo the Royal Python, Kellogg the corn snake, Barry the tortoise, Oliver the fat tailed Gecko, George the bearded dragon, Napoleon the pigmy hedgehog, an owl and a honey bear called Belle.

We handled the animals and learnt about their structure, diet and what type of animal they are (reptile, amphibian , bird, fish or mammal).

We wrote about the visit in our learning journals.

In science this week we have continued to classify animals and learn the differences between these types of animals. We have used clues from their body structure to help us (whether they have feathers, fur, scales and are cold or hot blooded etc).

In maths this week we have ordered groups of objects and numbers.

We have been learning and practicing capital letter formation for the curved line groups.


WB: 8/10/2018

We have started to focus on a new text, 'How to wash a woolly mammoth,' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley. This will be our non-fiction stimulus to help us learn how to write instructions. We will eventually write our own instructions to tell people how to look after guinea pigs.

In maths this week Miss Low has assessed us on what we have learnt about Number: place value before starting our new unit on number: addition & subtraction.

We can really see signs of Autumn all around us and can see changes in how much sunshine we get during the day as well as changes in the weather!!!!




During our Phase 3 review and Phase 4 teaching and learning we have learnt to read and spell some tricky words (as well as spelling words and writing dictated sentences applying our knowledge of Phase 3 graphemes and Phase 2-4 tricky words).

The words Miss Low expects us to spell in our writing correctly at the moment are:




























Please support your child at the moment in learning to spell these words correctly.

They can also practice spelling these words in simple sentences.

We are also learning to spell the days of the week, which will then be dripped in throughout the year, as this is a Year 1 expectation.

As is spelling numbers in words to 20. Any help and additional practice your child can have with these throughout the year will be beneficial and help them to meet end of year expectations.

Spell in mud with a stick, sand, make in playdough, make with Lego bricks, write with icing and then eat.....try and make it fun and engaging.

We also look at tricky parts of the word, look at the shape of the work and learn mnemonics. Different strategies work for different people. Please ask Miss Low if you are unsure about how to support your child with spelling. 


Autumn term 2: Toys.

This half term we have introduced our new theme all about toys.

The children would like a 'Santa's Workshop' as the role play area and have suggested activities they would like to do in there too, such as wrapping presents, making toys and writing lists! Miss Low has said no 'naughty lists' are allowed or needed though as we are all so good!  :)


We have been working on adding suffix -s and -es onto the ends of nouns to change them from a singular noun to a plural noun.

Our science focus is on materials and we are going to focus this work around toys and what materials toys are made of and think about why, by applying our knowledge of simple properties of materials.

We will also look at the history of toys within living memory. Which toys do we play with today, are they new or did our parents  and grandparents play with them too?

Were old and new toys made of the same materials?

Please see the gallery for photographs of us playing with some of Miss Low's old toys (mostly from the 1980's).

We enjoyed playing with toys made from paper, metal, wood, plastic, fabric and glass.


The children are allowed to bring in and show us any old toys you may have at home.


In maths we have continued with our calculation focus on addition but will soon begin subtraction.

We are using 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes as our first Literacy focus text.

We will also be using Toy Story as a stimulus.


We have started our Christmas decorations to sell as the Christmas Market.

On Friday 23rd November children were given their roles in this years Christmas Nativity, 'Christmas with the aliens.'

If you have any questions about what your child needs then please ask.

All year 1 children will have something to say in the performance and words will come home in the next week for them to practice with you at home. Thank you . :)

'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ' :)




Class 1 Reminders


- Children need a water bottle in school every day. This should only have water inside and should be labelled clearly with your child's name.

- All uniform should be clearly labelled with your child's name.

- Use contact books (white elephant from Reception or small red books) to communicate with Miss Low.

- PE is on Thursday morning and Tuesday afternoon (when we don't have Forest School on  a Monday). Children may complete some PE lessons outside, particularly on Thursdays, so please send warm outdoor kit (tracksuit bottoms, tops and trainers) especially in Winter months.

- Home reading books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

-Homework should be handed in on Tuesday and will be given out on Thursday.

-The Everywhere Bear goes home with a child from Class 1 every Friday. Please enjoy this experience and complete the Everywhere Bear Journal.  The format of this has changed due to GDPR rules. Your child will be given some paper to record their journal with the Everywhere Bear which will then be stuck into the book. This will be available for parents to look at during 'Open Book' opportunities.

Please check book bags for letters regarding our trip to the theatre in January to see, 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea.'

Please return forms regarding the Flu Vaccination for all Year 1 pupils.

Don't forget to return your PTA Christmas Raffle tickets, including any unwanted/unused ones.


Thank you.

Thank you. smiley