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Admission Arrangements



Blakedown C.E. Primary School is a voluntary controlled school maintained by Worcestershire County Council.  As such we follow the admissions procedures set out in Worcestershire's policies which can be accessed via the link below.


Historically, our pupil admissions number has been 15, which resulted in four classrooms of 30 mixed age pupils organised as Reception & Year 1; Year 1 & Year 2; Year 3 & Year 4 and Year 5 & Year 6.  Total pupils in the school were 105.


  Since September 2014, the school has been undergoing a gradual expansion as it has been allowed to increase the pupil admission number to 30 from the entering year group onwards.  It has seen an additional three classrooms built so that going forward there will be a single age organisation of up to 30 in each year group.  As this is a gradual year on year process, in 2016-17 the organisation is currently three single age classes in Key Stage 1 and two mixed age classes in Key Stage 2.  There are currently 145 pupils in the school.